GHS 60 Second Spotlight: Ameed Abidalrahim

Yaminah Powell, Writer

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Over the summer freshman Ameed Abidalrahim will spend an entire summer in Palestine collecting footage for a special film.

Abidalrahim hopes his film will bring the truth to light because he says many people simply believe what is shown on media when that’s not the entire truth.

“I’m making this video as a way to inform people what life is actually like and not like how it is on the news. I want to show what is actually being done to the Palestinians,” Abidalrahim said.

Abidalrahim has been saving up to buy a Canon 80D for a few months now to use for the video. The camera cost over $ 1,000 but he is very passionate and determined.

“I started thinking about making the film a few months ago. I am very passionate about this topic so I enjoy doing research about it,” Abidalrahim said. “The film is going to be about the injustice in Palestine, with the unjust killings of citizens and how israel keeps getting more and more land.”

Abidalrahim will just be collecting footage in summer, and with the canon 80D he hopes to get high quality footage. While he is unsure about how long it’ll take to edit, he only wants to use good quality footage with no lose focus.

During the editing process he wants to make the video in a way it keeps the viewers engaged while telling the story from a Palestinian viewpoint. With all the work going into this project Abidalrahim has big plans for the video.

“I hope I can upload the video to YouTube and hopefully let it spread”

Abidalrahim has been into photography for a few years now and recently has been venturing out into film. He is unsure if he will continue making videos in the future, but is certain to continue with photography and see where he can go with it


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GHS 60 Second Spotlight: Ameed Abidalrahim