2017-2018 Staff

I am a freshman.  I decided to take this class because I like to write and my brother took it.  I like to write about anything sports, but I can write about anything, it doesn't matter to me.  A fun fact about me is that I...

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My name is Alanna Swenski, I am currently in 9th grade.  I decided to join Paw Print because I have a passion for writing in detail, and I loved all my English classes in previous years. I find that writing about things I am...

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Hi, I'm a junior editor for the Website. I like to take long walks in the summer.  

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Hi, my name is Rachel Young. I am a junior at GHS, and this is my third year in Paw Print and my first year as editor.  I decided to join because I am interested in writing and publishing online. I like to write stories about activities...

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